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Power Washing

Power washing works best on porous surfaces that have dirt, grime and mildew deep in the surface.  Power washing can easily damage surfaces if not done properly, which is why choosing an experienced team is so important

Soft Washing

Soft washing is washing one manually with a scrubber brush, soap and water. It does not involve any sort of pressure or machines and is generally used on surfaces that are not porous or that could not withstand the pressure from a power washer

Future proofing your home through Power/Soft Washing

Dirt, mildew and mould, gradually build  up on the exterior surfaces of your home, eventually causing permanent stains that could have been easily avoided.  Interlock/exterior stone should be power washed every 2-3 years to maintain a clean walking surface and prevent dirt from penetrating too deep in the surface. Siding/ gutters/ soffits/ fascia should be soft washed each year to prevent mildew from forming and creating permanent stains.


Full Exterior Makeover

Calling them “the Deck People” doesn’t do this team justice. We had the team do an entire exterior makeover including cleaning and staining cedar shake, sanding and painting deck, painting siding, window frames, gutters, and doorways. They did it all. And they did it quickly and well! You will never regret working with them!-Lauren


Top Notch "Care Factor" In Quality Work & Customer Service

The crew did top quality work cleaning all of our windows and clearing the eaves troughs of debris. They went above and beyond clearing debris and tools found on the roof (left by a neighbour’s trades on a past job) and they added a few extras at no cost. Thanks to them for building such a great local business with such a great team!-Unknown

Need Staining or cleaning Service?

Questions & Answers

How long will it take you to clean my deck?
Depending on the services needed for your deck, our services vary between 5 hours to 2-3 days.
What type of products do you use?

We use a variety of products depending on your specific needs!

However, for new wood or wood that has been oiled before, we use the highest grade oil from New Zealand that guarantees to never peel. It comes in a variety of colours.

We use all premium Benjamin Moore products for all of our paints and sikkens or our solid stains.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 3 year guarantee on anything that is not a walking surface.

Do I have to be home in order for you to get the job done?

No! You do not have to be home.

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